Our Story

From innovative cloud applications development, to cloud managed services, and transforming businesses infrastructure to the next generation infrastructure, Falcon9 is positioned as one of the leading cloud solutions providers and integrators providing and implementing tomorrow's innovative solutions in today's business environment, as we helped and continue helping our customers to overcome the complexities during their journeys to the cloud, covering areas such as Cloud Infrastructure, DevOps, Managed Services and Data Science

Who We Are?

Technology experts providing bespoke services to our customers in domains of Cloud Infrastructure, Data Science, DevOps and Cloud Native Applications

What Motivates Us

Smiles on our customers' faces, winning the trusted advisor badge from them and discovering new technologies & methodologies

Our Magical powers

Our technical spells can summon the genies within our partners technologies to grant your business it's wishes

Our Timeline

  • Our roots
    2011 Sep
    In the creativity factory of Alpha Apps, a team of highly talented DevOps engineers were sent on a mission to explore the powers of the cloud.
  • Elasticity at its finest
    2014 Apr

    Al Mwajaha

    The team accumulated experiences and knowledge in the cloud were a main factor in building the cloud-native game "Almwajaha" which at peak moments was able to serve 500K active gamers without a hiccup!
  • The Idea
    2015 Oct
    Receiving high demand for cloud consultations and the lack of knowledge related to the cloud and digital transformation in the market. We decided to spin-off the DevOps team into a specialized company, the only obstacle was the name.
  • The Name - Falcon 9
    2015 Dec

    History was made

    On this day SpaceX made history, the Falcon 9 rocket landed successfully after delivering eleven satellites to orbit and bringing the booster all the way back. Our company was built on the same principle, delivering our customers businesses to their orbits in the digital space
  • 2016 Mar

    Formally in Business

    On this day we received our trade license from Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority. We have the luckiest license number in the UAE (2020) representing the year in which Dubai - our beloved city - will host the Expo 2020
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